project on deck: FOLSOM50



Danny Wilson and Tracy Schlapp created FOLSOM50 with their band Luther's Boots to commemorate Johnny Cash’s legendary prison concerts. The performance resonates with Cash’s belief in reinvention, his own redemption — a biographical thread that ran through all of Cash’s catalog. Rather than replicating the shows, Luther’s Boots reinterprets Cash’s music and styling by drawing from Cash’s ability to transmit the emotional complexity of hillbilly music. The songs from the At Folsom Prison live recording have been styled by the band with an ear to contemporary audiences.

Cash empathized with the plight of the incarcerated and in doing so, remembered the forgotten through his music. The strains of his lyrics acknowledge human darkness, frailty, and the light found in redemption. The Cash prison concerts recognized a contract between performer and audience that is dignified through mutual respect. This idea resonated with the project creators as a larger framework for Cash’s musical and social/political legacy. And as such, they will revive this spirit through a series of concerts in Oregon Prisons during 2018.

Vocals, Guitar | Danny Wilson
Guitar | Peter LeClair
Bass | Scott Thompson
Drums | TJ Muhly
Vocals | Justine Francis Snyder



Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, Wilsonville

Columbia River Correctional Inst, Portland

Deer Ridge Correctional Inst, Madras

Eastern Oregon Correctional Inst, Pendleton

Mill Creek Correctional Facility, Salem 

Oregon State Correctional Inst, Salem

Oregon State Penitentiary, Salem

Powder River Correctional Facility, Baker City

Santiam Correctional Institution. Salem

Shutter Creek Correctional Inst, North Bend

Snake River Correctional Inst, Ontario

South Fork Forest Camp, Tillamook Forest

Two Rivers Correctional Inst, Umatilla

Warner Creek Correctional Facility, Lakeview



 May 24, 1968

  Fifty years ago, the live album "At Folsom
  Prison" was released. Luther's Boots
  continues the Cash Legacy of playing in
  Oregon prisons with your help. With a $50
  donation we will send you a FOLSOM50
  pin as a thank you.